Wednesday, October 10, 2001

More War Readings

Just a few more links from my online reading list.


Graphic: Where the US/British Attacked

Maps and stories: Strikes Target Taliban's Air Defenses
The West Ignores Arab Resentment at Its Peril,1361,565983,00.html

Defeating Terrorism Through Dialogue, Not War

Say What You Want, But This War Is Illegal

Where will it end?

Bin Laden Suddenly a Secondary Concern

US Reserves Right to Attack State Sponsors Of Terrorists

US Hints Iraq in Its Sights

American Action Is Held Likely in Asia

Terror War Fallout Could Create Central Asia Fronts

The Other Side

Taliban Soldier, Ready for War, Contemplates September 11th

At Home With the Taliban

A Few Words Down the Line, Then Hell Breaks Loose


The School for Violence


Fundamentalism and Terrorism


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