Monday, May 31, 2004

Beads, beads, everywhere and not a thought to think ...

Beads. Thousands upon thousands of beads, everywhere you look. Where this traditional symbol of exuberance came from or how it was introduced to New Orleans is often debated. There are both cultural explanations and religious explanations.

Why someone would bare parts of their anatomy for cheap plastic beads is beyond me. I mean, in most stores in the area, $3.95 buys you 10 strings of such beads, and no clothing removal is required.

I’ve been informed that buying one’s beads is not as “authentic” as “earning” them. Women are encouraged to flash their chests, and men are encouraged to … well … display their nether regions. What a bizarre city …

Speaking of, I don’t see how people get anything done in this city. The only “native” Louisianans I meet are selling tourist items and capitalizing on the spending potential of visitors. I do understand that technically, this IS “work” for them, but I just don’t see how people keep a clear head about industry or their educational careers with a 24/7 party atmosphere brewing throughout the city.

Of course, Austin does have 6th street. And flashers of our own during Mardi Gras (not to mention some funny ideas about the legality of public exposure)


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