Tuesday, August 31, 2004

As busy as I want to be ...

Well, this semester is not off to the greatest start for my blogging. I have been absolutely SWAMPED with the beginning of the semester and the launch of a new phase of my career.

To add to the crushing weight of my research, teaching (and not forgetting the endless unpacking I've been enduring) and committee duties, I have also been negotiating with ISP firms for the division of journalism's news outlet, SMUNews.com.

It's hard putting together a master budget for a project that has an unknown direction and unknown focus. I wound up pitching a 3-year budget of about half a million dollars for tools, services and facilities. And that's not counting the human resource element that will have to be addressed in the coming months.

The goal of this project will be to generate a world-class news product that is completely built and maintained by students. We'll see how true to my ideals I am as the deadlines rush at me.

Well, I am preparing for another class, so I should get back to work.


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