Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sweet advice is always the best ...

So, apparently my health requirements require me to consume the things I love.

I came across an article in Reuters this morning that reports a new study explaining why dark chocolate is good for increasing blood flow. According to the article, eating 100 grams of dark chocolate improves the function of one's vascular system for three hours at a time.

Excellent. The medical community and I apparently share a lot in terms of taste (ok, terrible pun, I know).

About 18 months ago, I was forced to seek treatment when my perpetual migraines were causing me to experience debilitating levels of pain. After having an MRI of the inside of my skull performed to rule out the possibility of a tumor, the doctor diagnosed me with two chronic conditions: vascular migraines and acute sinusitis. I did received prescription drugs to relieve the symptoms of each, but the doctor also prescribed certain lifestyle changes to ease my condition.

Normally, I get nervous when doctors suggest such changes. I always suspect they're going to tell me not to eat my favorite foods, stop doing my favorite activities, etc.

However, in this case, the suggestions were welcome. For my migraines, the doctor suggested I increase my intake of caffeine and chocolate. He said these substances would ease the tension being placed on my brain's arteries by allowing blood to flow more freely. For my sinusitis, the doctor suggested I eat more spicy foods, and specifically more salsa.

So apparently my crazy body decided I was not getting enough of the foods I enjoy most so it created pain to request more?

At any rate, I'm a HUGE fan of dark chocolate and will be happy to adjust my lifestyle to incorporate the sage advice of so many dedicated minds in the medical community.

I consider it a small price to pay for increased health ... ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you do? I come from China and my name is Leo Sun! Glad to know you here!
I searched your blog by google!
I know you are suffer from migraines! My mother too! I hope you will get well very soon!
Good luck!

1:51 AM  

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