Sunday, February 27, 2005

Engaging Activities

And the festivities begin!

Boy, whoever knew that getting engaged could be so crazy? Ok, I know a lot of people seem to know this, and many are more than willing to point it out, but I have been genuinely surprised by the amount of activity being engaged requires.

But it also means we have great excuses to spend more time with our friends.

On Friday, February 25, we made our first official outing as an engaged couple. We met Kelly and Christi Romeo to go to a new sushi place and celebrate both our engagement and Christi's 30th birthday.

The Romeos were among my closest friends when we were all in college together at ACU. I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with them since my move to DFW, and they have particularly made Bethany and I feel loved.

In fact, on the evening in question, Christi gave us a gift that contained a bridal emergency kit for the wedding and a book titled The Five Love Languages. It was very touching seeing my friends already trying to support and help us.

We went to a restaurant called Shogun's, which I believe is a sushi chain. They had just opened and we wound up going on the Grand Opening evening.

The food was good, but there were several moments of confusion between the hostess, the chef from our table and the cooks in the kitchen. We wound up with a lot of food we didn't order and I never received one of the sushi orders I had ordered. We also order saki and passed back and forth the hot and cold bottles to make sure everyone sampled everything.

The confusion didn't end at the orders. They brought us out some fried ice cream to celebrate the occasions, but they kept telling Bethany and I to have a "happy anniversary," and after several attempts to explain, we just gave up and starting joking about how tough our marriage had been through the years.

Afterwards, we retired to a nearby Barnes and Noble for coffee and browsing. After an hour or so, we returned to the Romeos house supposedly to watch a movie (whenever we get together, we always have so much fun talking that we never play the games we bring or watch the movies we intend to). We stayed the night at the Romeo and then drove back to Dallas the next morning to start the wedding registration process.

We thought it was going to be a light day ...


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