Sunday, May 13, 2007

News Flash: Art does pay

We have some interesting and wonderful news to share.

This afternoon, Bethany and I attended the senior art show in the Pollock Gallery at SMU. Every year, the art division showcases the work of its outgoing seniors.

Bethany is not a senior (technically, she's classified as a junior). But she does have several friends among the graduating class, so we went to see their work and lend moral support.

During the show, the art faculty gathered everyone together and presented the awards to the seniors. Afterwards, they announced a special award presented by the Standard Club of Dallas, a local women's league. The award was intended to identify and recognize a promising junior student whose work makes her worthy of the annual "Award That Makes a Difference."

Bethany was this year's recipient. (And if you haven't seen her work, it's because I am woefully behind in building her Web site, hopefully coming in late May).

Needless to say, this is quite amazing for her. I tell her I think her art is powerful all the time, but having someone from the Dallas community (with help from the art division faculty) say so in front of her peers was a tremendous moment of affirmation for her.

And the $2,000 check was also nice. ;-)

I didn't get any good clear photos (the gallery was crowded), but I did get a few shots click them for larger versions).

Anyway, Bethany is floating this afternoon.

And that's good for her, and great for me. :-)

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