Saturday, October 11, 2008

Texas 45, OU 35

Thank goodness!

With almost no running game, a mostly freshman secondary and a flat showing the previous week, I was concerned that the OU Sooners were going to run all over the Texas Longhorns this weekend.

Not so.

Texas, who trailed until late in the third quarter, slowly gained the advantage and mounted several impressive drive late in the game to outscore the Sooners by 10.

Bethany and I watched the game in the Pioneer Inn, a small bar in Nederland. The only other game-watcher was a loud OU fan, who took many opportunities to rub in OU's early success.

Thankfully, we pulled it out. We're not gloaters, and we simply left the post-game reaction to a "good game" comment.

But we've been here before. Texas has three tough games ahead against ranked opponents, so I'll breathe easier when we hit the "Baylor break." :-)


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