Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting around town

Day two of the family Christmas was our "active Ned day."

Nederland is such a funky town, and I thought the Hawkins needed to see it and get their bearings.

We began by driving into down to the Barker Reservoir (wikipedia), which was frozen over.

This is a favorite place of mine, because the ice is constantly cracking, melting and refreezing, leaving interesting formations.

We also went by Barker Dam to look at the snow-covered portions of the reservoir.

We then drove down the canyon a ways and looked at some of the ice formations there.

After a brief tour of the town, we drove up to Eldora to see the sites. Just before we reached the ski resort, we paused to look around. I found my way into a snow drift in which I sunk nearly to my crotch, while Austin ran alongside me without sinking at all.

I guess his skinny rear comes in handy ...


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