Saturday, December 20, 2008

The first night of Christmas

Wow what a day.

Bethany's parents showed up about 3:30, but it took us about an hour to get Buddy's truck up the driveway. He has four-wheel drive, but his truck is MUCH heavier than my Jeep, and his wheels seem to cut through the snow to the slick, densely packed layer underneath.

He managed to get his chains on, and things seem better now.

We spent the evening indoors. Bethany got home from work about an hour after her folks arrives.

Buddy took a lot of photos.

And I invented a new children's song tonight with Cedar June. It's called the "Clapping Cheerleader Song." Buddy shot a video of it the third time we ran through it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick, this is hilarious! You're a natural with babies. :) We miss y'all. We'll have to see about getting up there sometime soon.


7:33 AM  

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